Lynda Sparshatt Photoshoot

I recently worked with Lynda Sparshatt, a traditional upholsterer with an appreciation for the design and architecture of a chair, its silhouette, materials and accute details.

Apart from the shoot being extremely fun, some incredible images were created! 

1950's Blue velvet fan-back cocktail chair

Bamboo Rocking Chair

1950's Bartolomew cocktail chair with deep dufted back, in mustard velvet

Geometric – Patterned Knoll Antmott Chair

Geometric – Patterned Knoll Antmott Chair

Model: Corentine Aronica


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Sabina Woller


I live in Düsseldorf Germany, a city in the heart of North Rhine Westphalia. I have found that photography provides the motivation to explore, create and gather. It's a passion that motivates me to leave my home regardless of the weather and time.

I make most of my photographs by taking long walks, or setting up an indoor motif for my client. 

It doesn't get much better than getting the opportunity to record and communicate the moments I enjoy the most. I want to show beauty, art and unique art that can perhaps inspire you.

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