Porto, Portugal: The tour in pictures

Port wine tasting, tile hunting and, Portuguese pudding-eating.

When spent with people you love, it turns into a memorable birthday in a beautiful city. Last week I got the chance to experience a beautiful trip to Porto, Portugal. I want to thank everyone for making this trip, and birthday, memorable!  (I'll dedicate a whole gallery to the doors of Porto though...).

So here's my experience in pictures:


Nesting: Rooftop views of Porto

Big thank you to the lovely Aparthotel Oporto for giving us a home.

São bento

Tasty stuff: Custard pastry (Pasteis de Nata)

The ceiling of the Livra Lello 

Sunset ride to the beach of Porto

City impressions

Grahams wine tour


Big thanks to Traveling to Portugal and Cristina for helping me find the gems of Porto!


Sabina Woller


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