Rowing at Ruderclub Germania Düsseldorf

Medienhafen with Ruderclub Germania, Düsseldorf

This time I had the chance to take pictures of athletes at the Ruderclub Germania in Düsseldorf. It was an incredibly exciting experience. I severely underestimated the effort that is required to row like a pro. If you want to watch these guys do their thing, be sure to visit the Medienhafen on Sunday 'round Noon!

We were really lucky with the weather. Sunny 20°C with a cool breeze.

A big thank you to the wonderful team!

Sabina Hadiza Schmitz

I live in Düsseldorf Germany, a city in the heart of North Rhine Westphalia. For me, photography and art provides the motivation to explore, create and learn. It's a passion that motivates me to visit new places regardless of weather and time.I make most of my art by taking long walks, reading and researching.