When in Rome: Snap, Eat, Sleep, Repeat


The city of Rome was born around 625 BC, making it more or less ancient. The city is incredibly well-preserved, resulting in all sorts of random encounters with old ruins, cobblestone streets and bustling Roman cafés.

The Colosseum (you know I had too...), the main attraction of Rome was crowded when the sun was out. We strategically revisited the site around 10 pm to enjoy the evening silence. We sat there for about 45 minutes, entertained by the evening summer breeze and underlying Italian guitar tunes playing in the background. 

(psst! My next stop is Porto! Got some travel suggestions?)


Rome was our first stop before we moved on to Naples, Capri and finally Positano


I was fascinated by the diversity of Monti. It's not as popular as Trastevere, but offers countless street food options (try: Crocchette di patate).


While you get lost in Monti, please try and discover Trieste Pizza. We almost missed the little restaurant. I only managed to see it because the Prosciutto store next door was feeding a Great Dane with some treats. You can get a traditional Roman Pizza for under€5.00 (they're a bit crispier than the pizza in Naples). 


This little trekking tour through Rome certainly was very different to our tour of the Vatican. Less crowded, better and cheaper food and just as much culture and architecture.

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Sabina Hadiza Schmitz

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