Positano Italy: The beauty in pictures

If you've ever explored Italy's Amalfi Coast, I'm sure you'll agree: it's beautiful.

Last year we started in Rome, lingered in Naples, visited Capri and rested in Positano. These are some of the pictures I took during my trip. I hope you enjoy this little tour in pictures...

(psst! My next stop is Porto! Got some travel suggestions?)

Get a great view from almost anywhere

Positano from the top Photography Brown Leather Book

Everything in Positano goes up or down. You can either enjoy the view of the ocean or the incredible mountain backdrop. 

Mountain Landscape of Positano Brown Leather Book


Make the stairs of Positano your friend, or enemy.

Little streets of Positano Brown Leather book

You'll have to wrap your head around conquering all those endless stairs. You'll be sore by the end of the day, that's for sure. But see it this way: A free workout is included after all that ice cream and pasta.

Enjoy great coffee, wine or Limoncello almost anywhere

Coffee in Positano Brown Leather Book

Italians are great at coffee. Because of this, you can find good coffee almost anywhere!  

Let's not get started on the doors

Secret Door Positano Brown Leather Book

No really, let's not get started on the doors. I have a whole post dedicated to my favourite doors of 2016.

Sunrises are breath-taking

Sunrise View Positano Brown Leather Book

Sunsets really do get too much attention (Anytime you google sunset, one sunrise dies). The image above is a sunrise. And because I'm a nice person, there's a sunset for you below. ;)


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