Naples, Italy: The city in pictures

Naples. The third-biggest city in Italy and one of the oldest continuously inhabited cities in the world. Naples was our second stop after Rome, and certainly one of the most interesting ones. The courage of the taxi driver's road skills almost gave me a full on panic attack, while the diversity of food choices made me gain at least 5 happy pounds. The people were incredibly helpful and friendly. They got us out of a couple of tricky situations (Bus stops, finding the right fare to Capri and wrong addresses for our apartment...)

I hope you enjoy my little story in pictures...

Lights Everywhere

Walking along the Golf of Napoli

Walking along the Golf of Napoli

Beautiful Architecture

San Francesco di Paola - A church in Naples

San Francesco di Paola - A church in Naples

The Vesuv


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Sabina Hadiza Schmitz

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