Flingern's new favorite: Kausal

In this post, I mentioned a few weeks ago how much I enjoyed the cake and coffee culture of the one and only Kausal in Düsseldorf.

Recently I had the great honor of working with Babak and Maziar, the owners of the the Café.  I'm so happy to be sharing my impressions, documented in pictures:

The Decoration


The Food and Drinks

Not to mention the best homemade raspberry cake in the world!

These are huge! <3


The Café

I claim this corner a lot.

Useful information:

  • Reservations possible: yes
  • Do they take debit/credit cards: no 
  • Size: cozy (15-20 people maximum)
  • Best times to go: Weekdays or early in the morning on Weekends

Thank you to the owners for this incredible experience. Give them a follow on Facebook! :) 

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