Architecture & Nature in Düsseldorf

Let's face it, Düsseldorf is a great city for walking. Not too touristy, very green and full of gems. A recent walking tour was from the neighborhood Flingern to the Oberkassel bridge. This is a 5k walk and has some pretty things en route.  

I plan on doing a Düsseltal and Flingern tour really soon, they have some beautiful buildings there! Stay tuned.



The peaceful sheep of Düsseldorf Oberkassel

There's a beautiful contrast to Düsseldorf's bustle. Every now and then, a farmer (who is usually never in sight. Probably having a coffee somewhere...) leaves his flock of sheep to graze near the Oberkassel bridge. And there they are, enjoying their life, grazing, resting from grazing, watching the boats pass by. 



Rowing at Ruderclub Germania Düsseldorf

Medienhafen with Ruderclub Germania, Düsseldorf

This time I had the chance to take pictures of athletes at the Ruderclub Germania in Düsseldorf. It was an incredibly exciting experience. I severely underestimated the effort that is required to row like a pro. If you want to watch these guys do their thing, be sure to visit the Medienhafen on Sunday 'round Noon!

We were really lucky with the weather. Sunny 20°C with a cool breeze.

A big thank you to the wonderful team!