January 2019 John the Go icon set (Click here to view icons)

January 2019 Hotel Nikko Düsseldorf (Click here to view photos)


May 2018 Original Bootcamp  

April 2018 pictours Portugal  (Click here to see photos)

February 2018  vfl Bochum on behalf of trivago

February 2018 Sport at trivago on behalf of trivago 

Life at trivago: Meet Patrick Cole

Life at trivago: Meet Marina Ivanov

February 2018 Melting Pot on behalf of trivago

pictours Portugal


March 2017 Kausal Coffee

April 2017/ June 2017 /August 2017/ September 2017  Lynda Sparshatt (Click here to see photos)

April 2017  Ruderclub Germania Düsseldorf (Click here to see photos)

May 2017 Judo-Club 71 Düsseldorf (Click here to see photos)

June 2017 Fitness am Rhein (Click here to see photos)

March 2017 Traveling to Portugal (Click here to see photos)