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Brown Leather Book

Brown Leather Book

Ever heard of sustainable marketing? Well it didn't exist until now. Brown Leather Book is the first sustainable Influencer marketing agency that supports brand & community. 


Benefit 1:

Reach thousands of people and grow your brand.

No complex account setup or pages of marketing strategies. There are millions of influencers on the work wide web who will market your brand/shop/store for you. They will pay you a visit and take a high quality images, shoot interesting videos, write inspiring stories or even send a shout-out to their followers. 



Benefit 2:

You choose what you pay (and get even more)

Transparency and trust are the key here. You only pay for the influencer and a small fee to keep Brown Leather Book going. Fees are fixed for a certain amount of reach. But if the image, video or text goes viral...well good for you! <3

Brown Leather Book is true to its idea and the community. No strings attached.

Brown Leather Book

Benefit 3: Support your community

It's starts by getting to know each other. The more we reach out, the more love we give.

For every 10€, Brown Leather Book also donates 1€ to a good cause. Where to? You decide!